… that I wont mind letting you in on *rotfl* …. Seriously though – #randomFacts *smiles*

  1.  I LOVE TELEVISION … ooooh – My – good- ness!!! I can be glued to my t.v for days – literally o! – no shakings. I love romantic movies (before nko?), rom-coms, medical series, detective series, legal series, sitcoms, reality t.v – I sha love T.V – you get me right? ,…. I can watch t.v. for the whole of Africa … HaHaHa

  2.  I am not a sports person *smh* – I know right? … fitness junky not into sports? … forgive me people, it’s just not in me – no offence *keezeez*

  3.  I talk to God like I would talk to a close friend when I pray, ‘cos the way I see it,.. me and Him are tight like that *blushing*

  4. I’m an internet GURU!!! – LOL – for real o! ,.. I’m a professional net surfer – hahaha – I can find anything online … name it – (bia, Mind yasef and get ya hands off that keyboard *eyes rolling*)

  5. I’m an extroverted introvert – it doesn’t make sense yeah? – well, such a thing exists … I love being around people, but I soooo cherish my alone time.

  6. I love love love party jollof rice – chai!!! *blushing* – yes I eat jollof rice, ehen?!

  7. I get easily high on sugary fizzy drinks – oh yeah! My dad has a coke story that never goes stale from when I was 2years old – lol … it’s so bad, I was blissfully unaware of the fact that I was doing 120km/h on Third Mainland Bridge one day after taking just half a bottle of laCasera – as in I hadn’t even finished the drink – LOL

  8. I’m someone a guy can call “my guy” … HaHaHa – I know – very unexpected, right?

  9. I LOVE SHOPPING!!! – lets end it there – ‘cos if I start ehn …

  10. I love helping out … in any way I can – why not? … *shrug* *smile*

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