Do you think its ok that you can’t climb the stairs without panting and gasping for air?

Do you think its ok that you don’t have the energy to play around with your kids?

Do you think its ok for you to be at risk of developing degenerative diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic joint aches …  just to name a few?

When I or other health coaches you know are talking about losing weight we are not just talking about your dress size or how big your butt looks – No – the way you look is the very least of the many benefits you get or the very least reason for losing weight

The main reason for losing weight is your health… yes!

Someone once asked me “now that you have lost so much weight what will Oga hold” … really?! … you wanna know something? Oga is very happy that I’m still alive today for him to see every day – yes o.

I was 30 when I was told I was hypertensive … yes that young. So Mr man that asked that funny question, if you were asked to choose between having things to grab on your wife’s body and having her alive, what would be your answer?

That’s one of the many reasons I decided to embark on this journey … fore mostly to be healthy, be there for my husband and children – to see my angels grow. so please ladies and guys alike don’t get me wrong, we don’t preach weight loss just for the looks. If you ask me, you are beautiful, everybody is beautiful in their own way, but we have to take care of ourselves, our health … that is the main reason why you should embark on a weight loss regime – as far as I’m concerned, a great number of us have unwanted and unnecessary fat to shed – Trust me *wink*

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