So what? She doesn’t look the way she did when you met her?

So what? She has less and less time for you because she’s busy taking care of “your” children?

Oh wait! She doesn’t get you? – Do you get her?

Remember you practically begged for her hand in marriage o! … Even if you are not married to a Yoruba woman (who by the way you must have prostrated with your friends to marry), I know you begged her parents one way or the other to marry her. And you must have promised (I can imagine you licking your index finger and pointing it to the heavens – *rotfl*) to take care of her come rain or shine, and never to make her feel down, depressed, or unhappy in any way.

Bros please, on a more serious note, arrange yourself and turn a new leaf. You promised to take care of this woman, cut her some slack please, she’s doing the best she can. No one human being has it all going for them. So, no matter what the situation is, cheating, abuse – whether physical or emotional torture – is not the answer. It doesn’t make you more of a man, trust me … it never has and never will.

I hear all sorts these days mehn!, and it just gets me. From “guys not providing enough chop money” to “men beating their wives”, … – hmm, even man wey nova pay dowry dey beat, dey pump chest sef, hian! Na wa o! ..

Don’t even get me started on men who cheat, up to bringing different complexions to their matrimonial HOMES?! … with their wives at HOME?! … c’mon na … habba! .. that’s too much.

Now, if the problem/pressure is coming from friends/family, stand by your girl, dude,… You promised, remember? For better or worse, remember? … That is an oath o! And failure to adhere has repercussions … a very strong guy called Karma.

My dear friend, I know this is Nigeria, and even though buying roses and opening doors for your lady aren’t exactly our “thing”… we have “things” you could do. You could offer to do the dishes once in a while, get her a gift even when it’s not her birthday or your anniversary, even if “pepper no rest” instead of a “date date”, y’all can get a movie off the internet, get microwaveable popcorn, and just hang out- spend time and get to know her,.. “get” her,. so she can “get” you.

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