Happy Independence Day

Wow wow wow  … who knew that what I had been working on for some time now, will see the light of day on INDEPENDENCE DAY?! *gasp* . I just wanted to briefly point that out …hehehe. Happy Independence day my friends. Well, look at that, another holiday .. yay! Lol. Just last week, we had two days off for the Salah celebrations – oh yeah!  … Naija sha! We love us some holidays … who can blame us? With all the “hustle and bustle” which by the way – no get part two – *smiles*.

“Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better” – Albert Camus

I personally am extremely grateful for our freedom; a freedom that allows us to continue improving each day.

I hope that this 1st of October is better than your last and one that reminds you to never settle for average.

Have fun, be safe and remember to be thankful amidst all your celebrations.

Happy Independence Day!

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