For the past year and the half, probably around the time I started my fitness journey, I have wanted to bring consciousness to something that I almost fell victim to (Thank God I didn’t).

The term ‘gynaecological cancer’ refers to the five cancers that start in the female reproductive system:

  1. Womb (also known as cancer of the uterus, endometrial cancer, or uterine cancer)

  2. Ovarian

  3. Cervical

  4. Vulval

  5. Vaginal 

With the exception of cervical cancer, most are found in women aged over 50.  But the incidence of some of the other gynaecological cancers in younger women has been rising and at a rapid rate.

Awareness of these cancers – or even knowing the names of all five – is very low.

Gyfest is a gynaecological cancer awareness project that was initiated by yours truly *smiles* to essentially give women a platform to gain information, share experiences, and inspire healthier lifestyles that will ultimately help prevent the incidence of gynaecological cancers and lead to a longer and a better quality life.

Me and a few friends gathered at Tots ‘n’ Cots Pre-school in Gbagada Lagos on Saturday 31st October, to take the first visible step in making GyFest a reality. Our first outing was an awareness seminar which started with a dance fitness session, followed by a thought provoking lecture by Dr David Olarenwaju (O&G) who shared the realities of the various gynaecological cancers that we do not even know we are exposed to. I got to share my own story (yes, I have one too *smiles*, but that’s a story for another day) which I know now, has the potential to encourage women to know their bodies, speak out when they notice any abnormalities – early detection has always been, and will always be key. But of course, a healthy lifestyle (Nutrition, exercise, and even your thoughts) will always be the best medicine.

I deeply appreciate the support and encouragement we have gotten from Tots ‘n’ Cots Pre-school, RedArk, African Pride Magzine, UwemSpeaks photography,, and – Thank you all.

We are already working on the next GyFest, which, we’re positive, will be a lot bigger, have a wider reach, and change even more lives – This is just the beginning. So, my dear friends, join me as we all put hands together to build a healthier society by kicking gynaecological cancers (women’s cancers) in the butt *giggles*

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