Yes, you heard right … Fitness and Fun weekend … Exactly as the name suggests. The 3 day event which took place at Eko Hotel, saw members of the Nigerian Fitness Scene like wellness coach Maje Ayida, trainers from Fuzion Centre, The Body Alchemist, Seun Fadina,

the delectable Adura O, International dance fitness pro Ponnie Ramirez, the amazing Jennifer Pierre, and more … challenging us to put our money where our mouth is. I attended the Saturday (28th November) session, and Boy! Did I burn calories!!! … I literally saw calories jumping off people’s bodies … Hahaha … but we had loads of fun I tell you. If not that I was down with malaria, and I was supposed to have been resting (shh – no snitching on me to my doc – y’all know I’m a fitness junkie *wink*) I’d have slayed it more than I did – LOL.

Some Trainers at The Event

Maje Ayida and Some Friends

Ponnie and Jennifer

gettin’ our sweat on

Spot me if you can

So, I met with one of my big bros in the fitness scene – Maje Ayida – who happens to be one of the promoters of the event, and I asked him “why Fitness and Fun?” … he said “This event – which by the way, was planned in a very short time – was aimed at promoting health and fitness in Nigeria. We need more awareness out here, and it’s going to take a coming together of fitness professionals for more events like this. It shows people that working out can be fun and it’s also an opportunity for people to get to see different exercise moves out there” … well, very correct, Maje. I might be a newbie in the industry, but I promise I’ll always chip in wherever and whenever I can *smiles*

Yours Truly

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