I had always been a very sporty girl, being a sports prefect in sec school and drafted in the Falcon football club in Calabar in 1994 but my dad wasn’t having any of that nonsense in his house.

Fast forward to 2005, I was still slim, fit and compared with the musical sensation Jenifer Lopez…until I was deformed – the necessary obligation of reproduction – Lol.

It wasn’t my experience from pregnancy that gave me the almost uncontrollable insatiable crave for food…it was breastfeeding – I ate like a horse – LOL. I had my 2nd, 3rd , and 4th children and there it was – FAT!!! – Evidences that I was a mom my foot. Of course it took a toll on my relationship with hubby, and then I got the talk from him – I couldn’t handle the truth – I went into depression mode. One day, I decided enough! … Time to take care of me. I started “taking care” of me, but I was going about it the wrong way. One day, I stumbled on a dear friend’s (Ruby Agu) display picture on her BBM…. Gosh! I was shocked, but impressed.

When I first met Ruby, she was BIG!!! – bigger than I was, suddenly, the change began, and I wanted to look like she did. Could I get my body back?, Could I?… really? … I pinged her and asked her, and with love she coached me and guided me through. I can confidently say, from July 2015 at 108 kg – Nov 2015 hitting 80 kg….I have surprised myself and everyone around me.

Ruby says it’s all about eating healthy (Lots of fruits and vegetables), carbs are allowed (complex), portion control, and being active – as my commando would say, “It’s not just weight loss, it’s a complete lifestyle change … not a destination, but a way of life.”

Ruby! – My Commando! – Thank you for tolerating my whining and for your encouraging words.

I have found a brand new me – the Old me is Dead and gone – I’m living healthy now.

I’m bringing my sexy body back

Cool B

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