Breeze In My Bra

My very, very good friend Samuel Iwar (MD) , had been on my case since after I had my last baby, I’m talking major league, you know that kind that’ll make you think about your whole life?, that’s the one – that’s how I felt every time we had “the talk” – Thanks padi mi – you know you are appreciated. My friends – Dr Olanrewaju (gynecologist) and Dr Okobi (cardiologist) gave me a “you should” as well. Yes o! When 3 doctors are on your case like that, you most definitely will have a “Lobatan” moment … lol.

So, I had a serious talk with myself, and it began, August 2014 to be precise; Dr Sam put me on a “strict healthy diet”, no time to break into it gradually o! I delved into it, and that’s how it began, my lifestyle change.

I needed that change mehn! I mean, I was out of control… eba and egusi at almost mid-night, chicken and chips for breakfast, coke for water, to name a few,… oh! NKWOBI!!! *ashamed on my behalf* … the list is endless. The list of all that was wrong with me was long too o! (Not going to bore you with those).

Then, the boot camp began,… Chai! Dr Sam would come down to my house and we’d work out for about 2hours a day. We did this for 2 straight months and of course there was a difference,… alas! I had dropped from 103kg to 80kg by NOVEMBER 2014… Whaaaat?!!! See groove … hehehe … I felt I had reached my target weight… my clothes stopped fitting – got new clothes, shoes (yes! My shoe size changed), underwear (yes o! breeze in my bra, panties were falling off)… so I relaxed.

Fast forward APRIL 2015, I had added 5kg more,… OMG!!! My HARD WORK?!!! – NO WAY! … I became extra strict cos I had gone back to my old ways. This time I was determined to keep the weight off for good, so I started researching, reading, and I learnt so many things, including the fact that I hadn’t even begun; my ideal weight was still a long way to go – 70kg.

The Secret you ask? Will power and determination – no “I can’ts”, no excuses, just action.

As I write this, I have lost a total of 32kg, yes! I am 73kg – yay!!! – go Ruby, go Ruby – lol (from dress size UK20 to a perfect UK10) as at today *doinDaMoonwalk*. I still have some more kgs to drop, but I want to celebrate this now, I want to bask, I won’t mince words, I am proud of me *blushing*. I must say, it’s not an easy journey, but it’s one that’s worth embarking on. I am sharing this today because I would like you my friends to know that it actually is possible. The feeling you get from being healthy? – Indescribable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a walk in the park, it’s hard, but you have to look it in the face and say to it, BRING IT ON – LOL.

I have had so many attempts at losing weight but failed .. well, so many times .. LOL. I had been battling weight issues for 6years – after my first baby. Finally, I did it! back to even pre-wedding size. I must say though, it’s not all about cosmetics (but its the easiest thing we use to measure), there’s more to it – I definitely feel lighter, i’m healthier (my doc confirms that), and my energy & endurance level has improved drastically – fitness wise (I literally kill my workouts *grin*) I’m in love with the new me, Wellness Buff and Fitness Junkie *wink*

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