It’s that time of year when extra calories lurk around every corner – cake, cookies, ice-cream, and sauces of different colors – sigh. All these “mede mede” (and then some) add up, and most of us, under these “circumstances” put on a kg or two by New Year’s – hehehe.

I’m sure you’ll be like “So what’s the harm in a little holiday weight gain, especially if it’s just 1kg? … it matters o! Because studies have shown that it is very hard to lose holiday weight – yeah, so easy on the splurging. I’ve got some tips that I’d love to share with you, on how to tackle these temptations when they come knocking *wink* – you probably know these already, here’s a little reminder …

  1. Drink at least 50cl of water before every meal – that way you have little space for food.

  2. Eat your meals in smaller bowls.

  3. Eat more protein (animal protein) with salads, and less carbs.

  4. Don’t wait to get full … STOP EATING NOW!!!

  5. Walk a comfortable yet challenging distance every morning (you are probably on leave anyways or at least have a less stressful schedule right?) – Do other forms of exercises too, if you have the time.

  6. Drink at least 3litres of water daily – it can include your herbal tea as well e.g. green tea – this can help you get toxins out as well as help you be fuller for long.

  7. Say “No” to unnecessary splurging.

For example –

I have to visit Uncle Tunde and Aunty Sarah, Uncle Tunde’s wife has this wonderful display at the table, instantly, I’ll tell myself “Aunty Sarah just might have an equally irresistible display. What I’d do is, have some chicken and juice at Uncle Tunde’s after taking a glass of water of course – duh – lol. His wife will definitely go “ahn ahn Ruby, eat some more nah” and I’ll go “Aunty, I’m full – I’m actually watching my weight” – there’s nothing wrong in telling – trust me. She’ll go “all this weight watching sef” – don’t worry, just ignore.

Then I’ll move on to Aunty Sarah’s. I’ll definitely have a glass of water, and when its meal time, I’ll have some salad and a glass of juice. She’ll probably be like Uncle Tunde’s wife and ask me to eat some more, I’ll do exactly what I did at Uncle Tunde’s – giggles – and then get to moving the next day … burn it all up WOOHOO!!!


Have a Healthy Happy Holiday *smiles*

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