Losing weight is a huge issue these days as many of us are now health cautious. We all have ideas what to take and what not take when it comes to eating healthy,.. but in essence, the weight loss process starts not exactly from what we ingest/feed our system.

Heads-up: I’m going to take this in a direction you didn’t see coming—we are going to go deeper… Here we go!


Let’s be honest, getting out of our comfort zones is not an easy task. Making life changes takes courage aka “liver” LOL. We find less of that these days in our society, our courage has become frail; family, work, disappointments and our own worst enemy—ourselves—can beat us down.

You want to know how to get your courage back?.. Small victories, baby! … *smiles*. A lot of people say, “This is [the day, the month, or the year] that I’m going to make the change,” and they canon ball into trying to reclaim their health by setting incredibly high goals, only to come up short.

No! Calm down, let’s simplify this process. Start by setting small goals that are obtainable. Set goals that can be reached easily.. an example of how this simple process works – I initially wanted to lose only 10kg, I achieved that in a month and half … and I thought to myself “wow!, I did that? .. I can go more then” … Victories make your courage grow.


Being happy with who you are might be the most important thing you can do for yourself – Trust me, its very hard but it matters, and you have to work on it consistently. Again, take the small-step approach. Start by being grateful for things you are happy with.

My best tip for being happy with yourself: Do not compare yourself to others. When you go to this space, you immediately feel bad about yourself. Just be you and know that you are amazing! In the words of Dr. Seuss, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Gbam! .. need I say more?


We all know the consequences of both positive and negative choices. We all need to try as much as possible to eliminate anything whatsoever that falls into the negative category from our lives – I strongly suggest that. If you have a negative attitude as well, you need to work on improving it.

Choices are something that you are in control of, so start being aware of what you are doing and eating, and who you are hanging out with. Simply put, if it doesn’t align with who you are, your beliefs, or what’s important to you, let it go. You will be amazed at the freedom and relief that comes after letting go of all the negativity.


What time is it? Action time! .. Hahaha – Set both small and big (but achievable) goals. Put a plan into place that will help you meet your goals, and then Move. But you need to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint – a lifestyle and not a destination. Your approach should have you cutting away at things day after day and week after week. You need to commit your time, energy and effort into what you are going after. Working hard consistently is the secret to reaching your goals.


Results are the by-product of executing the first four tips. Results keep you moving forward because you are seeing and feeling the changes. Watch your excitement grow with every little change you see. Results are the reward of your hard work and discipline. Celebrate every single victory along the way, whether they are big or small. Remember the old saying “It’s the journey not the destination.” The lessons you learn along the way, the courage you show, and the confidence that comes from being content with yourself are far greater accomplishments than the final result.

I myself applied these steps at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I try as much as possible to live these steps in my everyday life as well. So I’m here to tell you that accomplishing your goals using this method can be done. It won’t be easy, but it’s so worth it. Be courageous, be happy, make the right choices, Act and celebrate the results. You can do this!

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